Textiles are a journey

I'm an architect and a textile artist. I live in Berlin, together with my partner and our rescue dog.

What I love about weaving is that it’s so similar to architecture. Slowly and carefully constructed plan, a vision implemented with mathematical precision. What I love about plant dyeing is that it is the very opposite - you can not plan the outcome at all. Textiles are a journey of discovery. Each piece I make teaches me something new. There are endless possibilities and endless surprises. Materials, colours, patterns, techniques - their characteristics have a big impact on my work. It takes a lot of practice to train the eyes and develop sensitivity in the fingertips.

Working with your hands is also a meditative process. Preparing the loom takes a few days. From dressing the loom to the last stroke of yarn, everything is done by hand. Dyeing with plants is by no means faster. Washing, pretreating, dyeing, fixing, it is a slow craft for a patient soul. Some colours take up to four weeks to produce.
Each piece you see on this site, is a visual journal; a transcript of my mood and imagination. 

My textiles are created carefully, slowly and with intention.

I believe in conscious creativity

Slow, natural, and local, my textiles are made with high quality natural fibres from European suppliers. Hand-spun yarns from local spinners and re-loved fibers, I dye the yarns myself, with natural botanical dyes. When I work with fabric, I choose GOTS-certified fibres. My goal is to create beautiful, unique and conscious textiles; one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story.

Photography courtesy of the Nicolas de Toth.